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“My husband Gerald has had to attend the Royal Hospital regularly, recently. So we had to avail of your services. A gentleman called John helped us through the process of applying to your services for a wheelchair. This was done with great care and adherence to hygiene rules due to Covid-19. We would like to thank John and your company for making this process available to us. Without it attending hospital appointments would have been greatly stressful”.

Margaret Rooney-22/10/2020

“Shopmobility is an essential service for us for hospital appointments, shopping and travel. It makes life manageable for my husband and means we can get out and about together”.

Kate Graham-16/10/2020

“I was glad to see that Shopmobility at the Royal Victoria Hospital is now up and running for my essential visit to the hospital today. All very clean and well prepared by a very efficient and helpful member of staff. Can really recommend this always well run, reliable service. So glad it is still making it possible for me to reach my appointments at the hospital”.

Sheila Blake-06/10/20

“My thanks to Shopmobility for the use of a scooter to enable me to attend my appointment in the Cardiac Department at the Royal Victoria Hospital today. Without this service I would have had to be taken there by my son in a wheelchair. Thanks again”.

Tyrone Ledamun-02/10/2020

“Used the service at such a short notice today and could not have been more helpful. Very easy to use, and met us at the front door with a chair at the ready. Would not have been able to get in without the help and assistance of these kind folk.”

Nancy Spence-30/09/2020

“We must keep this essential service going as I would have great difficulty without it and it helps me retain a good level of independence, Thank you Shopmobility”.

Richard Manbridge-08/10/20

“So glad I found this service could not have made it to my appointments without a wheelchair. This is a very good and worthwhile service with staff that are very friendly. It was also great to become a Shopmobility member”

John Hamilton -12/10/2020

“Shopmobility located at the Royal Victoria Hospital is not only an extremely supportive provider to people with mobility needs but also affords them the dignity to be able to navigate the Royal Victoria Hospital with greater ease and as such the staff member John was very helpful. It is essential that Shopmobility continue to provide this wonderful service”.

Declan Gill-03/11/2020

“I required a scooter during my visit to the Royal Victoria Hospital and through Shopmobility this was made possible. John was very helpful and polite, he explained everything to me clearly. He was very helpful when testing me too ensure that all was in order. This service made all the difference to my R.V.H visit”.

Rosemary Richardson 03/11/2020

“I really need this service kept open as it is a lifeline for me due to my mobility and it makes it much easier for me and others that are elderly or suffer from mobility issues to get out and about. Staff are also excellent at providing a deep clean on all pieces of equipment to ensure members safety is a priority which was evident when I received my wheelchair”.

Margaret Dunstall - 08/10/2020

I would like to state that Shopmobility at the Royal Victoria Hospital is and has been a service of infinite assistance to my husband and I on numerous occasions. It allows us to collect a wheelchair, transit from the car park to the hospital buildings and into the clinics totally independently without being dependent on the porter system  which we don't need and is under severe stress. Keep up the excellent facility. 

Karen Morrow - 26/11/20

Hopefully things will get back to some normality soon.  I haven't been out a lot as I have been busy with the move and have been suffering from severe foot spasms and fatigue which is very restricting at times which is very hard to cope with at times having restricted mobility, services like Shopmobility are crucial and getting around the shops lifts your mood and makes you feel more independent and able to meet up with friends etc to do a little shopping, it keeps me connected with people and life in general.

Lynn Beggs-15/04/21

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