Without Volunteers we would not be able to provide our service to our members.

We now require additional volunteers to expand our work!

Shopmobility Belfast is seeking enthusiastic and dynamic volunteers to help run our scheme and develop our work. By giving just a few hours you can learn practical skills, meet new people and make a real difference to the lives of our members. Below is a profile of one of our Volunteers:

Name:    Zoe Wylie (Pictured)

Age:     23   

Hobbies:  Reading (Crime thriller), listening to music (Charts, rock/old school rock)


What does Volunteering involve?

The volunteer work involves helping people get around places, shopping centres, country parks with ease. I am expected to help with the process of signing members up, reassessing them if their membership has expired, checking the scooters to make sure they are in full working order (Safety checks, horns, lights, wheels, seat and handle positioning). I like to do all this with a smile and hope to build friendships with members. 


What Skills or qualities are required for the role?

No qualifications are needed as all the work we do, we are taught in the workplace at a pace that is right for you. It helps to be kind, patient and polite with members. 


What inspired you to Volunteer?

My parents use this service, quite frequently. While my mum was signing her reassessment forms, one other volunteer (Michael) suggested if I had free time to apply to volunteer, as I was reading up about Shopmobility, I felt that as a thank you to them, for their services, I would volunteer, I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy volunteering.  


Would you encourage others to Volunteer?

Definitely! Volunteering with Shopmobility has been amazing for me, I’ve made new friends, I’ve learnt so much new information and I honestly enjoy it so much. It has helped me get out of the house. The members are so friendly and kind, we help them with mobility but some time they’ll share kindness towards us by sharing treats with us. I hope the friends I’ve made volunteering are for life.  



For further information please contact:

Julie Guilar


Shopmobility Belfast

Wesgate House

2 Queen Street



02890 808090

E-mail: info@shopmobilitybelfast.co.uk

028 9080 8090
Shop Mobility Belfast